Textbanking 101

Want to campaign for your favorite candidate, but don’t like talking on the phone? Text banking allows you to contact dozens upon dozens of voters in a ridiculously short time.

With most text banking you will not use your number or even necessarily your phone. Once you’re set up with a program like ThruText or Hustle, log in and send texts quickly. Everything’s scripted, including common replies. It’s text telemarketing for the good guys–fast, easy, and fun.

Write us to get started with text banking or jump in here:

ACLU People Power (peoplepower.org)

Move On Text Team (moveon.org)

NextGen America (nextgenamerica.org)

Open Progress Text Troop (openprogress.com)

Rapid Resist (rapidresist.org)

Red2Blue (red2blue.co)

Movement Labs (movementlabs.com)